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Top Four Benefits of Living in a Walkable Neighborhood

Mar 27

As you’re spending more time than ever at home, you may be thinking about all the things you wish you could have in and around your living space! A term that comes to mind is “walkability” or “walkable neighborhoods.” But what does that really mean? For prospective home ...

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Take a Look at Our Featured Floor Plan: The Ashford at Liberty

Mar 20

Craftmark Homes is proud to present a new elevator townhome floor plan in historic Fairfax County: The Ashford, which sets a new standard for craftsmanship and comfort at Liberty. The Ashford Floor Plan Read More

The Living Room Checklist: What every living room needs

Mar 13

The Living Room Checklist: What every living room needs The living room is the centerpiece of your home. It's the place used to entertain guests and spend time with your family. As such, it's important to furnish it with some essential items to promote a more inviting, comfortable atmosphere. Read More

How to Effectively Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Feb 24

How to Effectively Clean Your Hardwood Floors Hardwood floors are a beautiful addition to a home and something that Craftmark Homes takes pride in offering in most of our models. They provide a natural elegance that can't be replicated. Important to your home's overall aesthetic, it's crucial to keep your hardwood in great condition. Although durable and made to last ...

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10 Reasons to Move to Fairfax County

Feb 13

10 Reasons to Move to Fairfax County If you've been looking to relocate to the Washington, D.C. area but are having trouble sorting through all the close-in options, consider Fairfax County, Virginia. You get the benefits of living near the nation's capitol, but in a quieter area with a plethora of amenities. Here are our top 10 reasons to ...

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A Local’s Guide to Restaurants in the D.C. Area

Feb 03

The Washington, D.C. area has a lot to offer foodies looking to grab a delicious bite. Whether you're in the mood for upscale cuisine and a fine dining experience, or a quick burger from the local hole-in-the-wall, you're sure to find somewhere you love. If you're not familiar with all of the city's culinary delights, read on to find ...

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Liberty Press Release

Jan 30

McLean, VA (January 2020) - Craftmark Homes, an award-winning luxury homebuilder in the Washington, D.C. region is making a splash at Liberty in Lorton, VA with the only new elevator townhomes in Fairfax County, designed exclusively for the new community, Liberty. Craftmark’s newly designed floorplan, The Ashford, has a spacious 24' foot wide design that has risen to the ...

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Top five budgeting tips when buying a new home

Jan 27

Are you financially prepared for homeownership? Choosing to buy a home is the biggest financial decision most Americans will ever make, so gathering and analyzing information is crucial. Here are a few factors to consider in your budget before buying your dream home. How to budget for a new home

Calculate your net ...

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A closer look at the 2020 Color of the Year from Pantone

Jan 21

The color experts at Pantone have selected Classic Blue1 as the 2020 Color of the Year. The strong yet serene hue promotes feelings of familiarity and safety. It's a stark contrast to last year's winner, Living Coral,2 a lively pink. Why the big change? Here's how the Color of the Year is selected and how you can ...

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Jan 13

The new year has arrived and with it a new decade. That's right - we're starting the roaring 2020s. It's unclear whether flappers and the Charleston will be making a comeback, and we recommend you hold off on redecorating in the art deco style until the trends become more apparent. Still, it's an exciting time full of potential and New ...

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Best Places to Visit in the D.M.V. for the Holidays

Dec 20

The holiday season has arrived, and you need something else to do besides shopping. Luckily, this is a magical time in the D.M.V. (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area. There are plenty of events to enjoy with friends and family alike, so if you're new to the area or just want to expand your horizons, we recommend the following ...

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Four tips to make your first holiday season in your new Craftmark Home the most special one yet

Dec 16

Are you a proud new owner of a Craftmark home? Spending your first holiday season in a new home is an extraordinary experience, almost like "breaking it in" for your family. Here are a few suggestions that will put you on track to have the best celebration possible in your new home.

Start a Brand-New ...

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Move-in Ready Craftmark Homes in the Area

Dec 09

If you're in the Washington, D.C. or Annapolis areas and are looking to move into a beautiful new home, Craftmark Homes can make your dreams come true. We've been a premier home builder in the area for 28 years and counting. Here's a brief list of some currently available homes in our fantastic communities: Anne ...

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Four Simple and Delicious Thanksgiving Day Appetizers

Nov 18

In the hierarchy of Thanksgiving Day food, turkey is the star while side dishes such as stuffing or mashed potatoes play integral backup roles. Appetizers, however, are often not given the attention they deserve. They prime the palette and "set the table" for the main course. Many Thanksgiving get-togethers start early in the day with football games and television specials. ...

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Top five places to see the gorgeous fall foliage

Nov 12

The beginning of November is the best time to see the D.C area's beautiful fall foliage. There's nothing better than leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city for a day to get more in touch with nature. In this busy season, taking ...

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Best ways to make the most of the end of Daylight Saving Time

Oct 29

You've seen the signs. There's a chill in the air. Button-up plaid shirts have made their yearly comeback. Spooky jack-o-lanterns grin at you from the front porches in your neighborhood. Fall has arrived, and with it, the end of Daylight Savings Time (DST). Here are a few friendly reminders to help you prepare.

Turn back ...

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Best local orchards and pumpkin patches for family fun this fall

Oct 15

The temperatures are finally dropping and the dog days of summer are behind us. The beautiful foliage is everywhere you look and pumpkin spice is infused into anything edible. Fall is officially here! There's nothing like getting the family together and taking a trip out to the apple orchard or pumpkin patch. So, if you're in one of our amazing ...

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The 4 Best Snacks for Football Season

Oct 09

Football season is in full swing, and it's time to huddle up with friends for a game day party. That means you'll need some hard-hitting snacks to munch on between downs. Here are our top four snacks to make this football season – they're sure to transform your friends into fanatics!   Top snacks for game day parties

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Six great costume ideas for your dog this Halloween

Oct 03

With Halloween fast approaching, now is the time to start planning your annual costume party. Even after the Raggedy Ann and Andy costumes are dry cleaned and the punch bowl is thoroughly washed, there are still other issues to address. One such problem is that your pup looks conspicuously like a regular dog. Let them join in on the Halloween ...

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Best ways to create a cozy dining room this fall

Sep 25

The fall season has just begun. The days will get shorter, temperatures will drop and leaves will transform into brilliant shades of auburn, ruby and golden yellow. It's a magical time when you'll want your home to be a warm, inviting place for friends and family! Perhaps no other room in the home is as communal as the dining room, ...

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Five reasons why purchasing a new home is better than buying resale

Sep 19

When deciding to purchase a property, the biggest question you face is whether to buy a newly constructed home or used. We’re big believers that buying new is the way to go. Here are our top five reasons why purchasing a new home is better than resale.

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Upcoming fall events near our fantastic communities

Sep 03

We at Craftmark Homes want you to live somewhere you can be proud to call your home. That's why our communities are built in fantastic areas that have a lot to offer. Whether it's family fun, culture or entertainment, there's always something to do in our communities. Here are some upcoming events that are sure to provide a great time. <...

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Why Chantilly is perfect for your family

Aug 26

Chantilly, Virginia is a charming town in western Fairfax County where you'll find history everywhere. If you have a family or are looking to start one, Chantilly has a lot to offer. It also has fantastic schooling options, plentiful parks, and so much more. Plus, the nation's capital is just a short drive away. Fun-friendly Chantilly Here are ...

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Important tips when choosing a floor plan

Aug 16

Choosing the correct floor plan for you and your family will make you much happier in the long run. It's your dream home - and you deserve to have it how you want it! You'll be spending so much of your time there, it should feel like it's yours. It's a big decision, however, and to ensure that you're satisfied, ...

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Tips for creating the perfect patio

Aug 02

We're in the middle of another hot summer in the Washington, D.C. area, which means it's officially patio season. There's nothing quite like kicking your feet up and enjoying the fresh evening air with a cold glass of iced tea in your hand. Sometimes patio design can suffer from being an afterthought to your interior design, but you should ...

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Fun weekend projects for your new home

Jul 24

Craftmark Homes is one of the premier homebuilders in the Washington, D.C. area. We offer a variety of floor plans and prime locations to ensure you immediately feel right at home. If you are a resident or considering becoming one, we'd like to offer a few suggestions for fun weekend projects that will help you add a personal touch ...

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4 reasons why Shirlington is a hot market

Jul 16

The housing market in Arlington, VA is undeniably heating up. Arlington has been a desirable location for years for young professionals moving into the D.C. workforce, and Amazon's recent announcement of plans to build a second headquarters in Arlington will only drive more traffic into an already-robust housing market. For ...

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Fun events in Shirlington and Arlington this summer

Jul 09

Arlington, VA and its Shirlington neighborhood specifically are fantastic places to live, filled with history, culture and fun. As spring gives way to summer, it becomes obvious there isn't any other place that can quite offer all of this area’s charms! There are some great events planned for this summer. Make sure to check them out! Summer event ...

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3 easy ways to create the perfect playroom

Jun 25

For many new homebuyers, a top priority is helping their children settle into their new home. To help you create the perfect playroom, our team here at Craftmark Homes has come up with their best suggestions for how your family can create a safe and fun playroom that the kids are sure to enjoy for years to come. Let ...

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10 ways to enhance your entryway (and wow your guests)

Jun 13

When guests first walk into your home, what do they see? If first impressions are important to you, then making over your entryway is a great way to up your home’s presentation. Our team here at Craftmark Homes has put together a list of 10 easy ways you can wow your guests by enhancing your home's entryway. 1 - Amplify ...

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Maximizing your patio space

Jun 05

Summer is coming, and it just might be time to start thinking about how to transform your patio into the perfect space for outdoor dinners, barbecues, and just relaxing. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for homeowners to maximize their patio space! Let your furniture do double (or triple!) duty Multifunctional design just may be the best trend ...

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Five natural ways to make your home smell fantastic

May 23

Every once in a while, your home may need a quick spruce-up in the scent department. One easy way to make your house smell better is to simply open the windows. The fresh air will do wonders to eliminate unwanted odors! But if you're looking to go the extra mile, try one of these great tips. You'll have your home ...

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The beginner’s guide to starting a garden

May 14

A picturesque garden can greatly enhance a home's aesthetic appeal. However, it can be a challenge to find the time or space to build and maintain a large garden. If you have limited space available, you can still enjoy a small personal garden. Whether your primary interest is in growing flowering plants, aromatic herbs or fresh vegetables, it takes only ...

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Fun things you can do around the house for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

May 08

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and Father's Day is not far behind. This year, why not skip the crowded restaurants and do something around the house to show mom and dad you care? With a little creativity, you can make those days special without ever having to leave home. Families tend to remember the house they grew up in, not ...

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The fantastic options at Georgia Row

Apr 24

Stunning residences at Georgia Row in northwest Washington, D.C. are now available. Situated just four blocks from the D.C and Maryland line, this vibrant location offers quick access to the finest amenities available in the nation's capital and downtown Silver Spring. Immediately adjacent is the future Walter Reed development: an investment project of more than a billion dollars, ...

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Fun things to do when the weather warms up

Apr 16

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it's time to get out and enjoy yourself! Residents around the Washington, D.C. areas seeking engaging activities to break out of the winter doldrums need look no further. Here are some great things to do this spring! Theater experience If you're in the Annapolis area, stop in to see the <...

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The KonMari Method™ explained in time for spring cleaning!

Apr 02

Spring is in the air! It's that magical time of year when the flowers and leaves return from their winter slumber and bloom, and it's officially safe to step foot outside without a jacket. It also means that it's time for your annual spring cleaning. We heard you groan - it doesn't have to be like that! There ...

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Five great tips for turning your guest room into an oasis

Mar 27

With a Craftmark home offering three or four bedrooms, you've got the opportunity to welcome guests in style. You'll want them to feel comfortable, relaxed, and like they’ve reached their “home away from home.” Chances are, your potential houseguests will vary in their tastes and needs, so how do you keep everyone happy and make their visits the best ...

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Why workplace convenience matters – Craftmark builds communities near major employment hubs

Mar 18

Living near where you work has many benefits and can improve your overall happiness. Let's face it - long commutes are miserable! A recent study concluded that 20 additional minutes of commuting is as detrimental to job satisfaction as a 19% pay cut. Not only that, but longer commutes also equal more ...

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Craftmark + Pets = <3

Mar 12

We understand the importance of having a home that can support your furry loved ones! Your dogs and cats are part of the family and deserve to be treated as such. Luckily, it's simple to make your Craftmark home a pet-friendly home. So, don't worry, we've got you (and all of your pets) covered.

Consider a New Home ...

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The Craftmark Difference

Mar 12

Craftmark Homes has been a premier homebuilder in the Washington D.C. area since 1991. That's 28 years of master craftsmanship, passion, and expertise that have passed through to each one of the 8,000+ luxury single family homes, townhomes, and condos we’ve built. When you buy from Craftmark Homes, you get something we call the "Craftmark Difference." It's what sets us apart ...

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Why You’ll Want to Live at Primrose Hill in Annapolis

Mar 11

If you’re in the market to purchase a new home, you've probably heard of the adage "Location, location, location!" Indeed, finding the perfect location is essential to making sure you’ve selected an area with steadily increasing home values and local conveniences entertainment & business districts, great parks & recreation, good schools, and convenient commutes. If you're interested in ...

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Four ways to make this Presidents’ Day special

Feb 14

Often overlooked and underrated, Presidents' Day is a holiday that those in the Washington, D.C., area can uniquely appreciate. Being at the epicenter of the United States political system lends a bit more perspective to the holiday for residents, and opens a few more opportunities. So, this Presidents’ Day, here are some interesting ways that you can celebrate with ...

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Local Builder Breaks Ground on New Community in West Alexandria

Jan 21

McLean, VA – Craftmark Homes has broken ground on an exciting new community at the intersection of Seminary Road and Fillmore Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia. At Fillmore Place of West Alexandria, 35 luxury townhomes are expected to begin construction in the fall of 2018, and Craftmark anticipates a model grand opening in the first quarter 2019. With a convenient location, walkable setting and plenty ...

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