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Energy. Health. Environment. You.

Craftmark Homes is committed to making smarter construction and healthier living part of your definition of luxury. Energy efficiency for lower utility costs. Improved air quality & insulation for your well-being. Conscious construction techniques for minimal environmental impact. A simply better home, for you.


As a multiple ENERGY STAR Leadership Award winner, Craftmark homes achieve HERS® Index ratings almost half that of the average new home!* That's huge savings for you every month.


Craftmark homes are not just built for luxury and lifestyle. Every home is crafted with our homeowners’ health and well-being in mind. Indoor air quality is enhanced through tight construction, duct sealing and increased insulation.


Craftmark Homes’ dedication to environmental preservation is evident through our efforts in conservation, water efficiency and resource management. We make locally acquired and recyclable products a priority wherever we build.


From blueprint to construction, from material and appliance selections to finishing touches and luxury details, your Craftmark home is designed to be healthy, environmentally-friendly, and quality constructed.

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Craftmark Homes strives to meet and exceed EPA energy efficiency guidelines whenever possible, saving you money and helping to protect the environment by promoting green living.

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